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Abstract Horizon

Pragmatic activism is a methodology that underpins our coaching strategy.  We believe every person deserves an exploration of the Six Phases of Pragmatic Activism, regardless of your political or ideological perspective.  We can do this as a cohort model of 25-30 people, small groups of 5, or a one-on-one coaching session via our online learning platform or live and in person.  


Ultimately, we will bring you through the following 6 Phases in 2 to 3-hour blocks of time per phase:

Phase 1: Where You Stand


We provide a pair of assessments to get a sense of who is in the room, what they believe as individuals, and explore the kinds of actions towards social good they have done in the past or are willing to do moving forward.  

Phase 2: Your Tree of Influence 


We facilitate a discussion to explore who people can influence via public policy as an advocate in your region. This workshop includes a deep analysis of the region's various government levels and their prevailing priorities of the day. 

Phase 3: Other Voices in the Field


We are not alone in this region, so we explore the other voices we must listen to and consider when taking action. This session includes exploring how these voices advocate on behalf of issues important to them. 


Phase 4: Timing of Influence


Explore the timing of opportunities for change in your region and identify the action steps necessary to make the most of that timing.

Phase 5: Public Engagement


We begin exploring the sectors where participants wish to engage in social change. We will facilitate a discussion through this workshop to find the topics and themes for advocacy groups and tips to implement Pragmatic Activism around specific issues.  

Phase 6: Triage of Engagement


This session is all about planning, executing, and troubleshooting public engagement if things go wrong. But ultimately, this phase is about putting it all together and inspiring a collective roadmap that can jumpstart your journey toward social change.

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