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Orville has been a consistent promotor of agency and activism for almost 20 years. Evolving from his double immigration experiences between Northern New Jersey and the Dominican Republic, Orville has motivated people to bring about a better tomorrow by acting today! With a healthy irreverence towards modern-day institutions, caution around hyper-idealism, and identity-focused activism, Orville is inspired by the power of everyday people to promote the social good.


Being exposed to the professional and personal intersections of how our society makes decisions has allowed Orville to challenge the way we mobilize people with insight and perspective using proven methodologies of actions such as Pragmatic Activism and his work with TheCaseMade's, Strategic CaseMaking™.


The audience can expect to meet a down-to-earth, friendly individual who embraces his power via an authentic vulnerability and a commitment to his agency toward social change. Orville brings joy and gravity to the opportunity we all have to make a powerful impact in our own lives and those of others.

Professional Background

Orville believes everyone is worthy of a conversation, so he focused his almost 20-year career on building community among the people of New Jersey around citizen engagement and social change. Before launching the People’s Lobbyist, he was a campaign manager for the Public Good Projects, leading major behavior change campaigns across the state. He also served as a public liaison for one of New Jersey’s longest-serving U.S. House of Representatives members. Orville is also an adjunct professor teaching Health Administration and Policy, Community Organizing and Health Advocacy, and Addressing Health Disparities using Social Justice at Montclair State University. He also spent the last two years with a robust leadership development and narrative research firm called TheCaseMade, where Orville trained social justice advocates and conducted focus groups around the United States on important issues such as Homelessness in California, Addressing Health Disparities in Connecticut, South Carolina, and Oregan, and finally the Right to Counsel throughout many jurisdictions across the United States. 

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